What is vibrational medicine?


Orange Begonia Flower EssenceVibrational medicine is one of the oldest kinds of medicine known to man. For centuries flower essences have been used to harmonise emotional trauma. People are now looking back to nature to answer questions that modern life cannot provide – as material possessions have become more important, our quality of life has diminished. We suffer from stress-related disease, a lack of purpose in life and although we have much, we are unhappy.

Dr Edward Bach reintroduced the world to healing of flower essences back in the 1930s and now there are hundreds of flower essences from all the over the world. Flower essences are liquid plant preparations which carry the unique imprint of the healing properties of the flower. Each flower carries a unique message of healing – whether it is a large, sun-loving brightly coloured flower or a tiny, pastel flower growing in the shade. Science is now confirming that we too (our cells, molecular structures and atoms) are made up of vibrating energy and that each part of our body vibrates at a different rate. Every plant, flower, tree also vibrates at a certain frequency and therefore by ingesting the essence or by applying it topically, our bodies and minds are reminded of the “correct” frequency, “healthy” vibrational patterns are reintroduced and our bodies are reminded of a more perfect model of health.

Science is also now confirming that our vibrational patterning begins in the womb and that our cells carry the memories of our parent’s emotions, of our birth, childhood and so on. Every thought, experience you have ever had is recorded in your energy system. We all experience trauma in our lives of some kind whether it is caused by illness, accident, abuse, chronic stress levels just to name a few. Modern society teaches us to bury our emotions and to get on with our lives – however, it is now becoming more and more apparent – with the early onset of chronic sickness, allergies and auto-immune diseases – that our bodies and minds are no longer coping.

Looking after our physical bodies through diet, exercise and appropriate therapy is invaluable – however true healing is only restored when we also include our emotional health. Flower essences have the ability to harmonise emotional trauma. This is the unique gift of the flowers – they enable us to gently let go of the trauma stored in our cellular memory, they teach us to face our life challenges with an open heart, with love, openness and forgiveness for others but most importantly for ourselves. Flower essences help us to remember who we really are, to understand how we have played a part in creating our life situations and to offer our unique gifts to the world. When we are more at peace with ourselves, our energy flows more easily and the physical body is able to begin to heal.

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