New Moon – Choose your own Flower Essences


Please send us an email stating which MoonFlower Essences you would like included in your 30ml bottle – you may choose up to 5 essences. In order to make your selection please look at the photos of the MoonFlower Flower and Gem Essences in our online shop.

You can choose from our sunlight flower and gem essences

and our moonlight flower and gem essences

Please choose your essences – you may choose up to 5 single essences from the sunlight or moonlight range.

Full instructions for dosage come with purchase. You will receive a 30ml dosage strength (ie ready to use) bottle which will last for approximately 3-4 weeks with regular use.

Cost £15 plus postage and packing

Click on the link below to go to our online shop and choose this option. Once you have paid, I will be in touch to ask you to let me know which essences you have chosen.

Below is a testimonial from a client who chose this option:

“I have been using Finding Stillness and Rose Quartz essence over the last week and have felt a great benefit. I am now feeling quite amazing, a subtle confident feeling of inner strength and calmness. A more laid back approach, I feel I have more time to do things and I am appreciating so much more around me. When I go out cycling or walking I am just more aware of everything, my senses seem to be vibrating on a higher level, the birds, animals and the amazing scenery.This is a great start and I am only having a few drops a day.”



Alternatively if you have been sent to our shop by your Natural Health Practitioner who has recommended a specific combination of MoonFlower Esssences for you please purchase your bottle here.

Once you have made payment, please send us an email stating which MoonFlower Essences you would like included in your 30ml bottle.

Thank you – if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch via the Contact Form on this site.