Full Moon Consultation



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Let the natural world take you on a sacred journey of healing


Cerato FB


How would it be if you had your own unique combination of flower essences created to support and guide you as you make your way forward on your healing journey?

Lady's Mantle FB

How would it be if you were able to clear and protect your energy field easily and effortlessly each day no matter where you were?

Windflower FB

How would it feel if you could uplift yourself during challenging times; calm and soothe yourself during stressful times and stay balanced and in touch with your true self ?


What if you were able to connect with your true self, find and follow your passions in life and communicate authentically to yourself and others?

Buttercup FB

How would it be to get to know yourself in a completely new way – really get to know the beautiful being that you truly are ? So that self care and self love became everyday habits; forgiveness for yourself and others was easy and you could really shine your own light brightly and with pride…


The Full Moon Support Package has been created to help you step forward on your own healing path with total support from the energies of flower essences and vibrational medicine. We all know that this kind of journey takes time – and this is why you are encouraged to look at committing to this journey for a period of time. You will have support from your own personal consultations,combinations of essences posted to you as a result of our consultations and email support from myself whenever you need it between your consultations.

Here is what you get with your Full Moon Package:

6 month Full Moon Consultation Package

  • 6 months support and 4 consultations to be taken when you need them
  • A full discussion of your lifestyle and emotional health during your initial consultation  – focusing on how you are feeling emotionally and spiritually. In these sessions we focus on the life you are wishing to create and discuss what is stopping you from achieving this.
  • A personalised and unique combination of flower essences sent to you as a result of our discussion and following each of your consultations PLUS Your VERY OWN SUPPORT essence created uniquely for YOU (often known as a “rescue remedy”) following your first consultation
  • A treatment plan which gives advice on how to use the essences that have been chosen for you and other relevant energetic advice that will help you regain balance and well being in between sessions. This may include Floral Acupuncture treatments (a method of applying flower essences to resonant acupuncture points).
  • Email support between sessions, so that you can ask any questions about the advice you have been given and how you are feeling.
  • Cost £375


Consultations take place by phone/skype or via a secure meeting link and are available to all wherever you live.

So that I can answer any questions you may have and for you to make sure this is the right path forward for you, I’d love to have a chat with you before you book your package.

Please click on the following link, which takes you to my online diary to book a day and time that is suitable for you.



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