Full Moon Enviromental EssenceIf you have ever felt mesmerised at the beauty of the Full Moon – shining her silvery light over your night time world – then you have also tapped into our moon’s potential to transform. We all know that our moon follows a (roughly) 29 day cycle and that the ocean tides are pulled by the gravity of the moon and we can predict the high and low tides by just knowing the moon phase.

Couples plan conception according to lunar cycles; hospitals (e.g. A&E and maternity units) bring in more staff during the Full Moon period  and I have heard many stories from mothers who find their small children are more prone to temper tantrums at this “full” energy time. Yet how many of us have also considered the potential of the moon and her cycles to positively impact on our ability to make change in our lives?


During the waxing phase of the moon it is much easier for cells in our bodies to draw things into themselves while during the waning phase of the moon it is much easier for the cell to release.

This means that any intentional work we do with vibrational medicine during specific moon phases can be supported by the energy cycles moving through us.

Here are some suggestions that you can easily follow:


1. Between New Moon and Full Moon (waxing moon) create intentions and use essences that nurture (knowing that your cells will open more readily to absorbing this energy at this time)

2. And during the waning moon work with releasing and letting go of patterns you no longer need, choosing essences that are resonant with this directional energy (knowing that your cells will “detoxify” more easily at these times)

3. Allow yourself to flow with the natural energies around you. So many women (I was like this for many years) believe they need to demonstrate the same levels of energy 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Allow your body and spirit to experience the ebb and flow of energy and ensure you build in as much rest as you do “action” time.

4. Use natural modalities that bring you closer to your true nature and encourage you to FEEL more deeply. Flower essences can be very helpful as supports for change and transformation.


None of us need to go it alone – support is all around us whoever we are and wherever we live. This is a time of great change on our beautiful planet and the more we find ways to allow ease and grace to guide us forward, the more joyful our journeys will be.

So right now check which moon phase you are experiencing (check your diary for this or the internet if you cannot see the moon in the sky) and reflect upon how you can use her energy and wisdom to inform YOU to attune yourself to your own internal rhythms. And make a note in your diary of your next New or Full Moon so that you can make full conscious use of the energies available at these times.

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Moonlight blessings to you all


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