I Remember Who I Am

How Nature can remind YOU of YOUR True Essence

Forget Me Not 

 In my early 20s I was unhappy, painfully thin, in a job I didn’t enjoy and mostly “asleep”. This was all despite having found my soul mate Ian (who I still share my life with now), having a lovely home of my own, a job that paid the bills and a family of humans and animals that loved me. I began to “wake up” when my dear Dad died in my late 20s and his leaving was a gift. Falling ill I was drawn to using flower essences to regain clarity and strength and my journey in the world of flower essences began. Over 20 years later, I am in gratitude to the nature kingdom for guiding me back home to me. My life and work now is dedicated to helping as many people as possible find the same peace and solace as I have found through reconnecting with nature.

What you need right now is all around you

This year (2014) many of us have found that exactly what we need is growing literally in our gardens. This year a clump of Forget Me Nots “appeared” in my garden (you can see them in the above video). Literally the flowers and trees come and find us. Open your eyes and look around you at nature and she will open your heart. Forget Me Not is abundant this year and reminding us in the chaos of the world around us and in the busy-ness and overwhelm of our lives, NOT to forget who we are and what unique gifts we all have to share with the world. So with Forget Me Not whispering in my heart……


Here are 3 ways Nature can help you remember YOUR True Divine Essence


StarOfBethTMNature holds the imprint of all that is – she reminds of being without struggle and how to allow life to flow through us – allowing health and vibrancy to flow through our physical bodies; waking us up to our true feelings so that we can find ways to release and reconnect back to our own true divine essence, why we came to this beautiful earth and knowing the gifts we have to share with others.


DIGITAL CAMERANature does not fear change. Each year she moves through her cycles (known to us as seasons) and as she does so guides us forward and offers us gifts of vibrations of energy that pull us forward or invite us to stop and rest. She knows how to move forwards (Spring), how to allow her gifts to be visible to the world through her open blooms (Summer), how to let go at absolutely the right time (Autumn) and rest and regenerate ready for the next cycle (Winter). What an amazing teacher she is if we can just open our hearts to acknowledge her truth.


MoonFlower Red Peony Flower EssenceNature relaxes, uplifts and reconnects us.Numerous experimental psychology studies have linked exposure to nature with increased energy, a heightened sense of well-being and being and feeling more creative. Being outside in nature for just 20 minutes a day is sufficient to boost energy, feelings of well-being, improve feelings of love and compassion towards ourselves and others and increase creativity levels.


Nature is nourishment for your Soul

So take a daily walk in nature – go barefoot if you can and allow yourself to walk sole to soul, spend some time with your favourite tree/flower and listen to her guidance. Most importantly trust what you hear and feel and take some steps each day to make changes to your daily life.  This is how I transitioned from unhappiness and a lack of self love and fulfilment to now being the Founder and Owner of a growing and thriving training school that teaches others how to Reconnect to their True Selves.

How has Nature helped you Remember Who You Are? – I’d love to know and invite you to share your experiences on this blog.

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Sara TurnerMy passion is to help people just like you Reconnect to your unique and divine gifts and share them through your healing practice. 


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