Both the moon and water have been connected with the yin and the feminine and many cultures compare the female journey from maiden to mother to crone with the transformation of the moon in her phases. Using this symbolism helps us to understand the transformational qualities that the moon embodies and how much we can learn and be enlightened by seeing ourselves in the light of this journey.

Moon Combinations

In 2013 we launched our 8 Moon Combinations following the cycle of the moon and its ability to allow us to wax and wane with the natural cycles of the energies that flow through us all.

There are 8 combinations in this series following the monthly path of the moon. Following these cycles provides us the opportunity to intend, practise flow, review, rest and begin once more. At each New Moon, we are given a window to begin again, to re-evaluate who we are and what we desire. We can then use the pull of the moon to attract this energy into our lives and then as she wanes begin a reflective cycle

Each combination contains MoonFlower Flower Essences, a MoonFlower Gem Essence and a Moon Phase Essence made at that specific time of the moon phase.

They can be used in two ways:

As a guide and mentor for learning to live and flow with the energy of the moon

–       Set your intention at each New Moon with the assistance of the New Moon Combination. Take 5 drops morning and evening for 3 – 4 days.

–       Every 3 -4 days, recentre yourself and begin taking the next essence in the moon cycle e.g. Crescent Moon, Growth Moon, Bud Moon etc. Ensure that you find ways to continually connect back to your intention during the cycle by journaling.

–       At Dark Moon, review how far you have come. Rest and begin the cycle again at the next New Moon.

This may be useful for anyone who wishes to learn to live with more flow and ease in life; to learn to listen and respect the energies that flow through the body, mind and spirit at each moment. Women who have irregular cycles, women wishing to conceive and women who are no longer bleeding and wish to stay connected to the moon cycles within them may all benefit from using the essence combinations in this way.


Choose the essence combination that feels most resonant for you at this moment

–       Center yourself and focus on how on you feel and what you would like to attract into your life over the next 4 weeks. It is always an idea to write down these feelings and intentions.

–       Gaze at the Moon Chart (above) and see which area of the moon phases you feel most in tune with

–       Take this essence for 4 weeks (a moon cycle)

–       Look back at your journal written when you first chose this essence – what has changed? Where do you wish to go now?

–       Look back at the Moon Phase chart and see what energy has shifted for you

We hope you will enjoy exploring the MoonFlower energy. If you are interested in purchasing any of the MoonFlower Range, please visit our online shop to browse our essences by clicking on the link below: