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Is there a time in your life when something sad or traumatic happened to you and you feel that you have never totally recovered? Just a few days ago I was talking to a friend who mentioned that he had not felt truly well since a bereavement of one of his pets over 10 years ago. Of course we all have life experiences which stay with us forever in our hearts and we would not want it any other way – however, the kind of life event I am talking about here is more an inner knowing that something shifted out of synch within us at that time of shock or trauma….and stayed that way.


Bleeding HeartIn this article, I’d like to share with you why I believe that having a bottle of essences that you can take immediately to ease any shock or dis-ease from your energy system is of such healing benefit to you, your family and to your clients if you are a health professional. Being a Flower Essence Practitioner and Trainer and passionate about the difference essences can make to life, I really hope you will consider obtaining your own bottle – there are many different combinations easily available from different essence producers. My favourites are listed below.


The phrase “RESCUE Remedy” was first used by Dr Bach and this is the name he gave his combination of healing flowers designed to ease shock and stress in the energy system. RESCUE Remedy is now the registered name of the combination produced and sold by Nelsons Natural World –

Many flower essence producers now have their own combination of flower (and sometimes gem) essences that are especially created to be taken at the time of shock and trauma. They have no contraindications and are safe for all regardless of age.


Flower and Gem Essences work on our energy bodies – the layers of subtle energy that surrounds each of us and includes our chakras and meridians. You may well have heard some of the common phrases we use when something happens that upsets or shocks us – such “I jumped out of my skin” or ” I was beside myself”. This phrase gives us a picture of exactly what happens when we experience shock or trauma – as a healing mechanism to help us cope more easily at the time of the shock, the alignment of our energy bodies changes so that we don’t feel so acutely and our heart is protected from the rawness of the situation. This is how it should be for that time – however, if we do not process the shock/digest these emotions, then years later, our energy bodies may still be out of alignment.

So here are some easy ways to help yourself and those you love:

1. This combination of essences will not change what happened but will help dissolve the shock from your energy system. Take it as soon as you can – or give it to the person affected. Drops under tongue, in water or the wrist if the person is not able to take orally. You can take as often as you wish – you cannot take too much of a flower essence.

2. If the shock is deep, keep taking the essence for several weeks – even months after the event. This can only help you process how you feel and support you as you move forward.

3. Use your own personal favourite combination in your bath, in your body lotion, make a mister and spray in your personal space – this is very soothing to your energy system.

4. Keep the bottle in your bag so that you can use it quickly and easily ; keep another at home and at work. You just never know when you might need it.


Star Of Bethlehem

Star of Bethlehem Flower Essence by MoonFlower Essences

Healing Herbs Five Flower Combination

Alaskan Essences Soul Support

Fox Mountain Emergency Relief 

You can see how easy it is to get to know essences in this way and to make such a difference at a time when it really matters. Go get your bottle from your favourite producer NOW and if you already have one, make sure it is in your bag or in a place where you can find it easily.

I’d love to know which is YOUR favourite combination that you take to bring yourself back into alignment – please do leave a comment on this blog and share your experiences.

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