Crescent Moon


This lunar cycle, beginning on Friday 10th May, I committed to taking the 8 MoonFlower Moon Combinations during each phase of this particular cycle. (You can read my New Moon post to find out more). One of my New Moon intentions was to revisit my connection to the devic world and my commitment to sharing the gifts of the elemental kingdom through the flower, gem and vibrational essences that I work with and who have brought me immense healing.

New Moon is about realignment, coming home to centre. She is the blank slate of perfect inward balance. As the moon becomes a tiny sliver of light in the sky as she moves towards Crescent Moon, we also shift with her into a readiness to make plans, seek direction and set our priorities. It is still an inward and reflective stage  –  (hence the silver essence being present in our Crescent Moon combination) and at the same time turn our internal compasses in the direction that we wish to head in to observe what holds us back from being all that we can be and to maybe …just maybe ….dare to look upwards and outwards holding the energy of how we can be all that we wish to be.

On Sunday 12th May I spent the day in the Kent countryside with sound therapist, Joanna Jimenea, who had gathered together a group of people with the intention of creating a soundscape for the earth, nature and elemental beings. We spent the morning learning to play Tibetan singing bowls and crystal singing bowls and then in the afternoon went into the woods to create our soundscape.

Singing bowls

We sat surrounded by the glory of the bluebells that covered the woodland floor. Bluebell energy was perfect to support our creation as their energy encourages stillness and from this still heart centre allows us to open to our full creativity.

Bluebell Wood

Here is Joanna setting up our soundscape in the woodland


It came as no surprise that my own connection on that day was one of expanding heart energies and being asked by the elementals to SHARE of myself, to SHARE with others their wisdom and equally to remember that we all SHARE our earth with each other. This was a beautiful continuation and expansion of my New Moon realignment to deepen my work with them. On this day and through this process I took my first tiny steps towards connecting with the elemental kingdom in a more profound way than before – I opened a door of my heart into their kingdom and had a wonderful look around.

Here is some more information about the MoonFlower Crescent Moon Combination. If you’d like to purchase the CRESCENT MOON COMBINATION you can do so by visiting this link:

Essences: New Moon, Blackberry, Magnolia, Snowdrop, Sugulite, Rose Quartz, Silver 

Centered in my heart I look upwards and outwards once more. Feeling safe and protected, I follow my own counsel and begin to seed plans that will allow me to become all that my heart desires.

And if you love Bluebells, you might to visit this page where you can meet the Bluebells up close and personal and learn about their ability to open our creative channels.

Click here to watch a video of the bluebell woods and learn more about Bluebell Essence.

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