Using Essences with Our Animal Friends

Marvin's Strongheart EssencesIn 1998 a handsome black and white feline came to live with myself and my partner Ian. We had recently said goodbye to a 16 year old beauty called Polly (who we had known since she was born) and also lost a baby. Healing was needed for sure and so entered Marvin Gee into our lives. Little did we know at that time just how much Marvin would teach us and those he came into contact with – both locally and around the world through the internet.

He soon captured our hearts – and settled onto laps and generally made friends with everyone who visited. Marvin was relaxed and content to sit in the garden, watch (not chase) the birds and sleep and purr and offer love. He was the perfect addition to our family. Marvin lived with us until age 20 and during that time he taught me much about how flower essences can support animals, especially during health challenges and during transition. He became a teacher too to our vet – and a shining light of example to many people and therefore also their pets.

A small range of essences was born from and through Marvin’s life – MARVIN’S STRONGHEART RANGE – and over the years we have received many testimonials from animal owners as to how much they have helped their four legged friends. You can read more about this range and how they have helped other animals by visiting this link


From cardboard box to 5 star luxury ….

Cardboard box homePing and Pong

For many reasons we had not planned to add to our animal family again for a while so it was with some trepidation that we discovered two beautiful white cats sleeping under our conservatory in early Winter 2012 – they were thin, their coats rough and it was cold outside. We built them a cardboard box temporary home – with in house heating from hot water bottles and they loved it! Slowly we began to invite them into our house.

So to cut a long story short, Ping and Pong (two brothers) are now permanent members of our family – each already finding his place and showing us their individual characters and preferences. They are young and have brought a lot of fun and playful energy to our house already.

As they settled into living with us, we both wondered – what they had to teach us….

Ping settled in easily – he is the more curious and although nervous, soon sat on laps and found the warm places where the radiator pipes pass under the floor. We have discovered he has a nervous tummy so he has his own combination of essences – which include pink and white flowers for love and nurtuting and and he also takes Marvin’s Peaceful Pet Combination. Here he is below snoozing in the sunshine.

Ping snoozing sunshine

Pong was much, much more nervous and for several weeks we had to place his food outside as he would not allow us to come anywhere near him. We began putting Peaceful Pet into his food and slowly he gathered courage and crept into the conservatory to eat but would then run away again as he finished. One evening we gave him a drop of Secure Pet in his food and then watched with amazement as he strode into the kitchen and allowed us to stroke him. For several days we continued to give him Secure Pet and he transformed before our eyes – from a cat you could not touch into a cuddly, playful and expressive being. Here is he below sunbathing and pretending to be a flower!


We are so grateful that they chose to come and live with us and that Marvin’s legacy of his STRONGHEART RANGE OF ESSENCES continues by now supporting Ping and Pong dissolve any fear and trauma from their previous lives and really settle into becoming their true selves in their new home.

If you have an animal who is rescued, dislikes trips to the vet and who could benefit from a calmer quality of life, then one of Marvin’s StrongHeart Essences may be just the job to help your animal friend feel more comfortable and easy in life. To find out more about this range and to purchase, please click below

As you might imagine, I LOVE to work with animals – and offer consultations for animals who need a more personalised approach. There can be done online by email easily and a unique bottle of essences for your pet could be with you in a very short time. I am constantly amazed at how quickly animals respond to working with essences.

If you have questions I’d love to hear from you

With many blessings from the nature kingdom

Sara, Ping and Pong

Ping2Pong close-up



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