Using Flower Essences in your garden – How to grow healthy and thriving plants

What do flower and gem essences do?

A question I am often asked and one which those of us who use essences find it so hard to answer. And so as often is the case, evidence is needed and here is some of the best that I can offer you. Just look at the difference between these two trays of lettuce….the only difference is that one was misted with essences and one was not.

Can you guess which is which? 


    Lettuces not misted with EssencesLettuces misted with Essences   


In Spring 2012 I was inspired to “experiment” with using flower essences in my garden. My “experiment” was not documented in any other way other than the photos (see above) and started out as a bit of fun.

The lettuce seed were planted in organic peat free soil in trays that sat next to each other. The seeds were sown at exactly the same time and received exactly the same treatment – watering when needed, taking the covers off during the day and replacing at night to protect from snails. I also sowed a line of marigold seeds between the lettuce to deter aphids. The ONLY difference was that one tray was misted with flower essences and the other was not. As those of you who live in Northern Europe may remember, Spring 2012 was cold and cloudy.


Orange Calcite TMTuning into the soil, I felt strongly that some vibrant energy was needed. I watered one tray with water containing the MoonFlower Orange Calcite Gem Essence and the other with water only from a different watering can. I then left both trays for around a week to gather energy. I then sowed the seeds in both trays at exactly the same time and in the same manner.


Grove_SandwortOne tray I began misting with the Alaskan Essence Grove Sandwort. I chose Orange Calcite and Grove Sandwort as Steve Johnson states in his book “A guide to the Alaskan Essences” that Orange Calcite “helps build up life force in the garden” and that Grove Sandwort “helps transplanted seedlings establish new roots of communication with the Earth”.

The misting was done each evening. I first covered the tray which did not receive essences so that the mist did not travel to this tray. Once this tray was covered, I misted the earth around the roots of each lettuce and the leaves of the second tray and then placed the cover on for the night. Before closing the air vents at each end of the cover, I misted into each end of the tray and then closed the vents.

When I first began, to be honest, I did not really expect anything much to happen especially as life had been pretty busy and my care of the lettuce had been minimal. Yet after several weeks, it became apparent that there WAS a difference emerging.


Pink CamelliaI then added a second essence to the mister – my own MoonFlower Pink Camellia Essence. Pink Camellia is all about allowing our true potential to shine forth into the world and I intuitively felt that the lettuce would benefit from this vibration. It was when I added Pink Camellia to the water, that the difference between the two trays became very noticeable as you see in the photos above. The essences that were mister were not only larger and lusher but much more “snail resistant”.

You can see in the photos, that in the tray that was not misted, the marigolds were eaten yet in the tray misted with essences the marigolds grew strongly and healthily. Everyone we showed the lettuce to were amazed and this was such an educational experience for me.

Flower Essences for your Garden

If you’d like to find out more about using flower essences in your garden from transplanting seedlings, protecting plants from frost and helping your plants grow healthily and happily at all times of year – both inside and outside your home, then I have recorded this audio interview to share more information.

If you’d like to purchase an Orange Calcite Gem Essence or Pink Camellia Flower Essence from the MoonFlower Range, here are the links to our online shop.

Use the code SpringGarden and you will receive 10% off the shop price.

To purchase the Alaskan Essences Grove Sandwort, please visit the Alaskan Essences site and find your nearest distributor.

I encourage you to use essences yourself in your garden and like me, if you persevere, you will also see wonderful differences. I’d love to hear your experiences and I invite you to leave your comments on this blog.

8 Responses to Using Flower Essences in your garden – How to grow healthy and thriving plants

  1. What a wonderful article. It’s lovely to see experiments like the one you did and to hear of your experiences of using flower essences in the garden. Thanks for sharing them.

    Seeing the difference between the lettuces that had received the flower essences and those that hadn’t speaks volumes and I hope it inspires more people to use flower essences with their plants.

    I’m also fairly sure that nurturing vegetable seedlings with flower essences can encourage them to be even more nutritious (and delicious) and brimming with life vitality.

    I have used some of the Perelandra essences when sowing seeds, especially their ETS+ for soil and ETS+ for plants.

    Your article has inspired me to look at others ways and situations for using flower essences in the garden (and I loved hearing about ‘Bells of Ireland’, it’s a new essence to me, but seems just so perfect for me right now, especially as growing season is about to begin and I’m getting ready to re-rejuvenate my garden this year).

    Thanks again,


    • Thank you Ferris for sharing your “delight” in this wonderful way to use essences. The differences in the lettuce that were misted with essences was quite extraordinary and such a wonderful reminder of what they really do. I use the Perelandra essences too and they are inspirational.

      Good luck with your Spring endeavours :-)!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous way to incorporate the flower essences with such tangible results! I love this Sara. I remember one of my first healing teachers used Perelandra essences in her garden and the neighbours always wondered what she was doing as roses in her garden bloomed unlike any others in the neighbourhood!
    I might just start experimenting with your essences as I’m housesitting and looking after other people’s homes and gardens;)
    joyful blessings, Tina

    • Hi Tina – yes Perelandra essences showed us just how much nature loves to be also nurtured with essences. I was astounded at my own experiment – would be fun for you to do the same and would love to send you some Pink Camellia. Sara xx

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